Hoyle E Hodges 

Washington State Parks - Marine Law Enforcement Coordinator | USCG 50 Ton Master

"The Rescu Swim'r completely changes how Man Overboard (MOB) rescue is conducted. I observed a basic level patrol boat coxswain repeatedly try to get a standard towed life ring to a target in the water time after time failing at each attempt. The basic problem is one of geometry as the rescue boat circles the Person In the Water (PIW) the towed life ring wants to follow the boat and thus is constantly towed away from the victim. 

The Rescu Swim'r solves this problem, as the boat is turned the attached rudder allows the life ring to vector almost 90 degrees straight out from the boat. This allows the operator to see both the victim and the life ring. The life ring is easily maneuvered to the victim the first time, every time within 30 seconds of being placed in the water.  This is MUST HAVE EQUIPMENT. We will be training and equipping all 53 of our Marine Law Enforcement units and almost 300 vessels with the Rescu Swim'r.

This is a simple yet profound leap ahead in rescue technology for recovery of MOB/PIW rescues."